This G.O with effect on 04.05.2010.

Old G.O.No.154, dt,04.05.2010.

In the reference read above, orders were issued adopting the formula for
calculation of encashment of Leave on Half Pay at the time of retirement / death in the case of State Employees subject to the condition that the total number of days of earned leave + leave on half pay put together should not exceed 300 days for encashment as indicated below. Cash payment in lieu of half pay leave component =Half pay leave salary admissible on the date of retirement plus D.A. admissible on that date 30XNo. of days of half payleave at credit subject to the total of earned leave and half pay leave at
credit not exceeding 300 days.

2. Several representations from the Employees’ Associations have been
received to extend orders issued in the reference read above to the teachers
working in aided institutions and local bodies. The Pay Revision Commission 2010 of Government of Andhra Pradesh has also recommended to extend facility of encashment of Earned Leave, including the Half Pay Leave upto a maximum of 300 days to them also. 

3. After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby order to extend the orders issued in the reference read above to the teachers working in the Municipal, Panchayat Raj and Aided schools on par with the Government employees.


g.o.no.148, dated:21.08.2017 CLICK HERE